When Steve Jobs said, “I want to put a ding in this Universe”. He also made sure to do his job pretty well. On the 9th of January in 2007, Steve Jobs introduced the very first model of its decade-defining mobile phone, the implausible “The iPhone”. And a year later, “The iPhone 3GS”. These phones topped out with only a memory of 16 GBs and a non-GPS 2mps rear camera, making them extremely desirable for the people of that time. Although the Box pull out accessories were not very complicated, and used to be simple.

With time the iPhone accessories and models of the iPhone progressed, well not only the features progressed but also the prices too. The first Apple iPhone that hit the market was 499$ and now the latest apple that has hit the market is the iPhone 12 pro in 1044$. This is understandable that the prices are related to features and the craft but what a 170$ odd and unfair bump between models, because of just a tiny bit features elevations like iPhone 12 and 12 mini comes in a variant of vibrant hues like blue, green, red white and black and on the other hand iPhone 12 pro and 12 pro max in silver, graphite, gold and a pacific blue.



At the time when the initials models of the iPhone were launched in the market, the basic iPhone accessories were included and they were considered enough by the customers. Those original accessories were included in the box and the majority of the customers won’t usually have to buy another set unless they have damaged their previous one. From the start, iPhone Accessories were unique and common at the same time, the thing that made them unique was their distinguish quality and designs from other flagship phones. You would find, an array of Box pull out accessories of iPhone in the models till 5S; Charger, USB Cable, and very fine quality earbuds. When the initial iPhone launched, the price was a little high but not too much, yes! just only 499$, just that but it included the charger in the box!



Original Accessoriesare included in apple boxes but if you look at the right place, in the market, you can find them else too. Apple removed the Audio jacks for all the models after iPhone 7, so to connect the earbuds, you need the special modeled one, may or may be included in the box, with the same feature as the one they created in 2012. All are except one thing; the lightning connector rather than a 3.5 mm audio jack. Now with these earbuds, the problem arose is that; how you can connect the charger while you want to use the earbuds. Original Accessories of Apple iPhone once broken or lost, then it would be hard to find accessory of same strength.

The dongle, an apple dongle enables you not just to connect earbuds a charger at the same time but also enables the phone to MAC and other Apple devices. It is hilarious that Apple is currently making 17 different types of dongles, each for different purposes and models.



Later then, Apple launched its air pods, packed in a small dodgy box looking like a small squared Pokémon capsule, but in them, the smart charging enabled, wireless earbuds, (so-called air pods), The back covers for the iPhones were common in use, but then they need to put air pods in the protective covers were seen to be practiced by the customers.



iPhone accessories slot has come up with something substantial, MagSafe, it is a new way of charging your Apple iPhone, well not a new way still its wireless charging but more magnetic one then a Qi Wireless Charger. iPhone 12 series, contains a magnetic system in the back so MagSafe can be put there and it will stick to the back and charge the phone. The interesting thing is that, they are also not included in the box, you have to buy it separately.


iPhone Covers:

Even in a few models, there were back covers included in the Box pull accessories of an iPhone, but early and later, they were found absent. Talking about the covers that used to be a part of in-hand iPhone Accessories, were transparent and made of silicon, and usually started to become yellowish within 2 months.

Covers can be a great help to an iPhone but only if it is of the best quality. iPhone is considered more stubborn and strong phone regarding their performance and durability, but a mobile phone is what it is Afterall, even a small scratch can put the price of the phone way too low in the market, so keeping it protected by back covers, glass protectors is the best one could do. A very small extra payment for protective precautions for your expensive iPhone can save your day.



The apple’s original accessories are one of the best partners to your iPhone. Apple does not include any of the Original Accessories in the box with the iPhone, except, Type C USB Cod. If you need Earbuds, you have to buy separately, need Adapter you have to buy separately, need airpods you have to buy separately.


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